Nu Dance Festival

Well done to everyone who participated in Nu Dance Festival at Perth Green Community Association earlier in Decmeber.  You all performed fantastically and I could see a lot of improvement from the previous competition.  Here’s a list pf trophy winners for anyone that missed the presentation;

Highest Average Mark:
10-11 Molly Bentham
14-15 Rosie Dawson
16+ Leah Brown / Erin Elliott

Highest Mark Solos:
Tap (87) Paige Crumbie
Modern (87) Ashleigh Armstrong / Erin Elliott
Song (88) Erin Elliott
Ballet (86) Erin Elliott tied with 2 others
Character (86) Erin Elliott

Highest Mark Duet:
Neve Bentley & Erin Elliott (88)

Highest Mark Trio:
Eve, Molly & Erin tied with Rosie, Elle & Megan and another trio (86)

Highest Mark Troupe:
Electricity tied with Senior Modern (88)

Most Promising:
10-13 Chloe Mason
14+ Leah Brown

Best Groomed Competitor:
Olivia Dodds

Talented Tapper Award:
Paige Crumbie

Modern Flexibility Award:
Eve Race

Technical Ability Award:
Erin Elliott

Most Enthusiastic Performer:
Under 10: Libby Lunn
Over 10: Erin Thwaites

Most Entertaining Performance:

Choreography Award:
Tribal Tap Troupe

There are lots of other pictures from the weekend on our Facebook page!

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